Monthly review - February 2020

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Last week I finished Atomic Habits. It’s a good book. Few years ago, I read a book Power of habit. That book was pretty intense as compared to ’Atomic Habits’. However, both the authors are trying to dissect and explain the anatomy of habits. ’Power of habit’ covered personal habits, social habits and global habits, whereas this book concentrated more on personal habits. ’Atomic Habits’ gives you a nice framework to change you habits. Unlike the two steps for a habit change (craving and reward) from ’Power of habit’, according to this book, a habit can be broken into 4 steps: clue, craving, reward and response.

I liked the part where the author tells that instead of setting goals and failing, we should instead contentrate on creating systems.

This book gives you steps to make changes in your habits. I totally recommend it if you want to have a deeper understanding of your habits.

The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins permalink

I have started this book now. It was highly recommended by Brad and Jonathan from ChooseFI podcast. I even listened to the episode where they invited the author of this book JL Collins. I like his simple approach to create wealth and I am going to try all the wisdom he has shared in his book.

From what I have understood till now from the book is that no one can time the stock market perfectly. So instead of jumping in and out of market we should invest in good index funds. JL Collins is suggesting VTSAX all the way. I’ll read more and share my understandings next week. So far, so good. I am liking the book.

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I am listening to only one podcast these days which is ChooseFI. I have no affliation with them so this is free praise for something which I am in love with these days. They are making some good content there every week. I am binge listening to their content and have a lot to catch up.

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I binge watched this series and finished it in a night. The story is about cyber crime in India. The fact that makes this story interesting is that it is based on true events. I even watched one ’Crime Patrol’ episode on the same topic.

Jamtara is the name of a village where few teenagers learned some tricks to hack into other people’s bank accounts by social engineering. They were doing this full time and earning millions. But then authorities and a local politician got involved and things became interesting.