Suggestion for my younger self

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Recently a second-year student of B.Tech (Computer Science) asked me to suggest a course which could help them in their future at the time of placement interviews.

The question was as below:

I am pursuing BTECH in computer science with spececialization in INTERNET OF THINGS. And I'll be finishing second year of the course by 22nd may. After that I have a summer break of around three months and I don't want to waste that tym sitting at home so it would be great if you could suggest me any course that would be helpful for my future and the at the time of placement interviews. I am looking for any certified course that will enhance my knowledge in the subject.

Lets be brutally honest. If you are looking for a name of an institute which I should suggest, so that you could spend your father's hard earned money for the next three months, while a half-wit teacher could pretend to teach you .Net in the name of latest technology, then you should stop reading and ask someone else for suggestion.

Otherwise, if you really want to do something great in your career and have the will to start as early as possible then please read on.

The question is specifically around the three months of summer break, so I'll try to answer keeping in mind that what should a second-year Computer Science student should do during a summer break of about three months. I'll also keep in mind that the student is in the sub-urbs of North India.

In India, there are many so called certified shops which claim to provide you the skills for the future with XYZ certification. Do NOT join that.There are many kinds of Microsoft certifications or Sun or Java or Oracle certifications. I do NOT recommend them.Any course which is asking for a ton of fees is not going to help you in your actual career. Trust me I have spent more than a decade in the industry now.

To be ready for future, all you need is a computer (or laptop) with good internet connection and a lots of determination

Here are my two cents. If you like my suggestion, please keep it. Otherwise, you are free to join any course which you friends are doing, but after few years if you find yourself sitting next to them outside a placement cell and wondering what went wrong, you'll know exactly what.