How is my learning going 22-Apr-2016

— 3 minute read

Last week I've tried my hands on so many new things. I am going to list a few out of these:

NeoVim permalink

NeoVim is a fork of 'the' awesome ViM. It is being created to get rid of the limitations of vim. The main purpose which I understood and found interesting in this project is to clean up the code for ViM. Almost everything works in NeoVim but it is still not there. The one thing which didn't work for me for colorscheme on terminal. I use iTerm2 and changing the color scheme on neovim was not as smooth. Few learnings for future reference:

  • Instead of .vimrc use ~/.config/init.vim file
  • Instead of .vim/ directory use ~/.config/.nvim/ directory
  • Almost all the vim plugins work with neovim but some are still not supported. Overall it is not ready for my use yet. But I'll keep my eye on it. For now, I am happy with ViM.

ReactJS permalink

This one was forced upon me. I was a happy angularJS guy two months ago, but then I changed job. I am working at Intuit.Inc. For the project, which I am working on, they are using ReactJS, Relay and GraphiQL. After spending 2 months on it and going through two weeks of training, I think I know at least the basics of ReactJS. I never liked the idea of putting HTML code in javascript. That's what you have to do while writing reactjs JSX code. I didn't even like the Angular way of putting the logic in HTML. Overall, it's a good learning.

Vue.js permalink

After getting aquainted with both AngularJS and ReactJS, I was looking for some frmawork/library which doesn't put the JS logic in HTML or HTML in JS. I was looking for something like the custom framework which we created while working on 'The Vault' project. It used handlebars.js for templating.

Last week I was looking for a music streaming server script and checked koel. This awesome software has been created using Vue.js in the frontend and Laravel(PHP) in the backend. I am still learning how to use Vue.js library, but I like what I've seen till now.

Phenomic permalink

In my quest to find an ultimate 'Static site generator', I found Phenomic. Good thing about this is ReactJS. I am anyways learning ReactJS, why not improve my learning by working on a react based project unofficially. It too supports markdown and SASS could also be added. For now, I am using Jekyll with skinny bones theme with some modifications by yours truely.

Git Kraken permalink

I have used Atlassian's Source Tree for quite some time now. I do most of my git related work through terminal commands, but at times having a visual aid is helpful. At those times, I had relied on SourceTree. But recently I have found another git UI client named GitKraken. The thing I like about this tool is it's looks. This looks like an arcade game console. I'm loving it. At least for now.