How to Import Posts From Worpress to Jekyll

— 1 minute read

Jekyll has a very good guide on how to import data from other blogging systems. I followed the same guide to copy the data from my blog.

But before that I downloaded the 'export' file from my wordpress blog (export tool)(

Then, I installed the jekyll-import ruby gem:

gem install jekyll-import

then I executed the following command to import the posts from amandogra.wordpress...xml file which I just downloaded from my wordpress blog:

    ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll-import";{
      "source" => "amandogra.wordpress.2016-03-09.xml",
      "no_fetch_images" => false,
      "assets_folder" => "assets"

I got few errors telling me that few gems are missing or required. I installed them and ran the above command again.

A simple browser refresh showed me all the posts I had ever posted on Wordpress blog with all the images.