How is my learning going

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After sixteen days, I would like to record my progress about the learning list which I mentioned in my last post.

Schoolism permalink

I have completed the first chapter. I think it had 8 parts. There was an exercise too in which you have to sketch 5 faces including one that of Kim Jong-un. Out of 5, I have done only one, that also not complete.

Eric Reference

Eric sketch

LearnPythonTheHardWay permalink

I was at Exercise 13 of Learn Python the hard way, when I read the comparison between Python and nodejs. I figured that NodeJS is comparable to Python. I already know Javascript and a little bit of (enough) NodeJs. So, I spent some time on learning node using the learnyounode tutorial. But I have resolved to keep learning python "the hard way".

CodeWars permalink

I have not made any progress here.

ViM permalink

This is going good. Although ViM is not my IDE (It is still WebStorm), but it has become my favorite editor. I am writing even this post on ViM.

TypingSpeed permalink

Not taken any test in the last 15 days, so I am not sure I have improved my typing speed.

Jekyll permalink

Well, this is my third post on this blog and I have even learnt to include pictures. So I am learning Jekyll. I have to write a post on how I got started on Jekyll. I also tried to add github projects to Jekyll, but was unsuccessful. I'll try it again.

StackFlow & GitHub permalink

No progress here.