Side project ideas

— 2 minute read

This is the list of projects which I am working on or am planning for. These are not in any order. I want to finish these as soon as possible. This is a list which I am planning to move to _projects folder in future.

Fuel Economy (Mileage) permalink

I am not sure about US, but in India many people are concerned about the average or mileage of their vehicles. I am creating an app as a sideproject which could calculate and store your fuel economy. I have bought a small server on DigitalOcean and am running this test app on that server.

ViM like editor permalink

Create an editor using python/JS which behaves on the concepts of ViM. I have forked a repo on github which is an attempt to create a vim on web. I'll exprore more. I have also found that the Atom editor has a plugin which uses neovim. NeoVim looks promising. Have to explore more.

Online course permalink

Create an online course in JS. Javascript in Hinglish.I even thought of something like guru-shishya or gurukul. A place where you could learn one skill in exchange of another. More you teach, more 'mana' you earn. Then you could spend this 'mana' on learning new skills.