Things I want to learn

— 1 minute read

We all have bucket lists. This list is my bucket list in learning category. There are few things which I have started learning this year. This post is the initial step towards the progress.

Schoolism permalink

I have subscribed to the carricature class by Jason Sieler (yay! at last). there was a deal going on and I took the advantage of that I have to do that continously

LearnPythonTheHardWay permalink

Learn python the hard way is an awesome source for learning Python. Finish the course

CodeWars permalink

Become a code ninja. I have to raise my level in javascript.

ViM permalink

I want to be dextrous in ViM with time. I use it on and off, but I can not say that I am an expert Vim User. I am thinking of completing all the vimcasts mentioned on

TypingSpeed permalink

My current typing speed is 34 words per minute. I would like it to be 100.

Jekyll permalink

I would like to use more of Jekyll for

StackFlow & GitHub permalink

I would like to increase my reputaion here. Raise my ranks.