Why Jekyll?

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Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. Simple, static, and blog-aware.

Jekyll is a tool for transforming your plain text into static websites and blogs. It is simple, static, and blog-aware. Jekyll uses the Liquid templating language and has builtin Markdown and Textile support.

It also ties in nicely to Github Pages.

Learn more about Jekyll on their website.

Why I used Jekyll? permalink

Now the question arises why I used Jekyll. Short answer is just to learn a new thing. Long answer is my friend Rakesh told me about it few days ago and said that he would like to know how it works. I gave it a shot, googled for few minutes, found a tutorial and after few minutes was having a page at Github. I showed it to Rakesh and he was impressed.

But I was not as it was a static ugly page and I didn't add any post at that time. After few days, I saw a person creating a complete website using jekyll, terminal and vim only. That impressed me and intrigued me to do something similar. I was already learning vim. I was also experimenting with iTerm2 and oh-my-zsh. Well I created this blog or website using only these tools. I am writing this post also in vim. Using the terminal,

I'll publish it and if you are seeing it then that means I learnt and built something new. Now it's your turn.