Do we really want to make corruption-free India?

— 4 minute read

Whenever we talk about the reformation of our nation, about the removal of corruption or taming politicians, we hear that iss desh ka kucch nahi ho sakta (Nothing can be done for this country). My question is,"Do we really know what we want?"

Everybody says that a change is required in this country, in it's legislation, in it's system. But what is that 'change' which is required? Before blaming our system or politicians, we've to inquire ourselves with the following questions:

  • Am I really ready for a change?
  • Am I really ready to leave aside the privilege of calling a political friend of mine instead of standing in a long queue?
  • Am I really ready to report the police officer who is asking for a bribe instead of a challan (ticket)?
  • Am I really ready to report a govt. official even if it delays my process?
  • Am I really ready to report my friends if they are involved in corruption?
  • Am I really ready to stop making fake medical bills or house rent receipts or travel allowance bills or any kind of fake receipt just to save some tax?
  • Am I really ready to show my actual income on papers?
  • Am I really ready to fill in the actual amount in the registry documents for the house or an automobile I buy?
  • Am I really ready to not give out any cash without demanding for a genuine receipt or paperwork for any item I buy?
  • Am I really ready to stop stealing electricity?
  • Am I really ready to accept it that I am a dumb student instead of placating my teachers, when they give me a 'B' instead of an 'A'?
  • Am I really ready to fail one of my students who doesn't deserve to be passed and is the son of some 'Board Member' of my college?
  • Am I really ready to stop corruption which is inside you?
  • Am I really ready to break my marriage if they are offering or asking for dowry?
  • Am I really ready to refuse a friend when they ask for a favor?
  • Am I really ready to take the driving test and genuinely pass it instead of bribing my way to get a license?
  • Am I really ready to let my children wander from college to college while I could easily find a jugaad (work-around) and get them enrolled?
  • Am I really ready to stop looking for jugaad's of any kind?
  • Am I really ready to get rid of the privilege to say chalta hai and use the corroupt system in my favor?
  • Am I really really ready?

If the answer is no, which it is, then it means that I am not ready. None of us is. We are all waiting for others to change. We are all saying, sab karte hain iss liye mujhe bhi karna padta hai (Everybody else does it that's why I have to do it). But they don't understand a simple concept:

For you everybody else is world and for everybody else you are world.

We are trying to change everybody else, whereas it's ourselves who need to be changed. We want to change our politicians whereas we are not ready to change ourselves. Politicians are not made from thin air, they are people who are just like us, rather they are us. If given a chance we all would behave like them. It's us who have created them. It's not our system which is corrupt. It's us. We are responsible for it. They do it, because we let them do it, we want them to do it, we ask them to do it. We find corruption an easy way for anything, so do the politicians. So why accuse them for that? It's totally hypocritical. We are watching televisions at our homes and wanting for some miracle to happen and change India overnight. This miracle is never going to happen this way. We have to work for it. We have to work on ourselves. Like Mahatma Gandhi said once:

If you want to bring a change, be the change.

We have to stand and demonstrate what is it like to be non-corrupt. We have to set the example. So that they can see and understand what we want? warna, mere desh ka wakyahee kuch nahi ho sakta [Otherwise, nothing can be done for my country, for sure]